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Ritual service for serving foreigners earned in Russia

Ritual service for serving foreigners earned in Russia
8 Июля 2019 | Обо всем

Gradually, the problem of the funeral sphere in the Russian Federation is being solved. The number of commercial companies, and the service in general becomes better. This is due to the fact that government organizations will soon acquire a monopoly on funeral activities. Now, quite confident steps are being taken in this regard, one of which is the opening of a specialized service for foreign citizens.

How the new service works

The principle of operation is practically no different from the standard. Only in this case, the agency’s task is not to bury the body, but to design its repatriation to the homeland. Although the first option is not excluded: some citizens during their life will bequeath to bury them in Russia. The reasons for this decision are secondary.

Relatives and friends should be engaged in organizing the execution of the last will of the deceased person, and the funeral home to do all the work and provide services of the highest quality. There is simply no other way to act in this area. Unfortunately, not all companies understand these primary rules.

Interaction always begins with the appeal of representatives (relatives or friends) of the deceased to the company. Next, experts carefully listen to the wishes of people, draw up an approximate plan of work, offer people options. If we are talking about transporting the body to their homeland for burial, these events will need to be coordinated with one of the international airports. Next you need to arrange a temporary finding of the body in the morgue.

It should be understood that in terms of burial, foreign citizens can not count on any benefits and preferences. These targeted assistance measures are intended only for Russian citizens; therefore, most of the difficulties are solved by the customers themselves or through a specialized company. The only such company is En.ritual.ru, which is not included in the commercial segment.

The latter circumstance directly implies not only the availability of the company's services, but also its compliance with the basic principles and norms of the funeral business in general. Foreigners can turn to other agencies, but there they will not be provided with services of the required quality. Constant breakdowns of deadlines, inflated prices, imposition, not professionalism of employees, and a number of other, not the most favorable circumstances are constant companions of the activities of commercial companies.

With En.ritual.ru no problems ever arise. For a relatively short period of work, the company managed to establish itself as a reliable performer and reliable assistant.

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